Jimbaran is a fishing village with a large white-sand beach and plenty of seafood restaurants.

You should come by at the end of the day to have a drink while watching the sunset with one thousand different colors and landscapes.

While having dinner, you’ll see some nice fishing boats.


The beach at sunset from the restaurant’s table

You will be far from being alone there, as Jimbaran beach is very popular with tourists. So you’d better come early and book a table facing the sea to have an unobstructed view of the whole bay. Despite the crowd, the subdued atmosphere, a fresh ocean breeze and the quality of the food will make your evening unique and unforgettable.


Tables on the sand

I tasted one of their freshest crabs, since it was still swimming in its aquarium when I chose it. You can select the seafood you’re going to eat from a large aquarium then your piece is seasoned, prepared and grilled for you! I played the game, even if I must admit that this made myself a bit uncomfortable (They are so nice inside the aquarium 🙁 )


Freshly prepared crab

Jessica, however, chose a fish among those on displays which have been fished in the morning. There is a wide choice of fishes and seafood also on displays so there would be something for everyone.


Fresh grilled fish


Photos © : odh!, Kevin Poh

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