Gili islands : a paradise on earth

Imagine three peaceful little atolls off the coast of the island of Lombok, with amazing beaches and crystal clear water full of fishes and multicolored corals. Here is a snapshot of what the Gili Islands has in store for you, and much more! Any motor vehicle is prohibited here, and how pleasant it is. You’ll only see those nice horse-drawn carriages, which remember you to take your time and to enjoy your holidays peacefully.
Diving and snorkeling here is just amazing, you’ll enjoy a magnificent and very diverse seabed, and many marine species as sea turtles, (harmless) sharks and rays.

Each island has its own style, from west to east and from further to closer to Lombok:

Wherever you’re staying, you can take a boat shuttle to go from island to island quickly. Another option would be to take a day-trip on a small boat that will take you on the best diving spots around the three islands.


The three islands seen from the sky


A quiet paradise


Life is good, isn’t it? 🙂

Photos © :

Julia Mrozek, Matt Gast, monkichichan

One thought on “Gili islands : a paradise on earth

  1. Dave

    Recently I had a rest on the Bali. So on the third day I though I wanna go on Gili. To see those islands,
    try to dive and have a good time of course. I called to guys from easygili. com and then they came and transfered
    me to Gili on a speed boat. The road on boat took just a 2 hours. And then I was on this good islands. Cost –
    225k. There was some problems with internet connection, but it is little things. Diving was really cool and
    beach vacation, yeah. So I can say that you can safely try it.

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